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Why email/online counselling?

Perhaps you considered seeking some help, but you were too busy to schedule an appointment.

Maybe you prefer the privacy and informality of discussing your issues in the security of your own environment.

Or maybe you are experiencing a medical illness or disability that makes it difficult for you to visit a counsellor''s premises.

Other possible reasons why online counselling could suit you are that you….

• Live in a remote area and find it difficult to travel.

• Have hearing problems and prefer to use text only communication.

• Have a profession where you travel with your work and therefore away from home for extended periods.

• Cannot conveniently leave home

• Have irregular schedules.

• Are agoraphobic.

• Find in-person meetings are stressful.

• Are a parent who is unable to obtain childcare.

Online counselling allows you to receive help in your own time, without having to take time off work or seek a babysitter and within the complete privacy of your own home.

 Is email/online counselling helpful?

In my experience, many people can be significantly helped this way. Online or email counselling can enable someone to work through their feelings and thoughts and encourage positive change. It can be effective in helping your personal development, and allow you to live your life in a productive way.

Just as writing can be used therapeutically eg keeping a journal, email writing can help you organise your thoughts, develop focus and clarify your feelings.

Online counselling is a form of listening and talking. A positive aspect of our communication is that you will be able to reflect upon your experience, understand yourself better and become more open and willing to positive change.

How do we communicate?

In online or email counselling, the written word is the only medium of communication and non-verbal cues, such as voice tone, expression and gesture, are absent here.

For the therapeutic relationship to develop, both parties must be able to use written English communication. It may be that your written English is not perfect, but the important thing is that you can express yourself and be understood. I might ask what you mean if something is not clear, which is preferable to guessing what you mean.

May I send voice mail, pictures, files, etc. by email?

No. The standard online counselling service I provide allows for effective use of time. Any large file, or extra computing task, will mean extra time and might cause problems if there is data error or incompatibility. The time you are paying for is best spent in allowing me to help you directly by thinking about what you have written and concentrating on my reply.

How do I pay for online counselling with you?

Each session lasts 60 minutes and there is a fee of £60 for each email reply that you receive from me. All fees are payable in advance, either by cheque or through the Pay-Pal link provided - please see the Online Payment page. Your counselling will commence once I have received your payment.

NB. Online counselling is not the right choice for you…

• If you are thinking of harming yourself or others
• If you are experiencing psychotic symptoms (hearing voices, paranoia etc)
• If you need specialist support

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms it is important to seek professional help.


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