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How I Work

How I Work
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I usually see clients on a weekly basis, but I also provide a number of fortnightly sessions for those who prefer this way of working. Sessions are available during the day and in the evening.

Consultation Session

The consultation session is one where we meet to talk about your concerns or dilemmas, and explore how these may be helped by therapy, with me or someone else. This session gives you a chance to meet me and to see how I do things, as well as to ask any questions or seek advice without any obligation regarding further work.

Subsequent Sessions

After our consultation session we may agree to meet for a number of further sessions. We will agree on the type of therapeutic work we will do, the approach we will take and the goals needed to help you. In practice, this will involve deciding whether to work in a manner that is very focused upon outcomes regarding a particular difficulty or symptom, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), or use sessions to explore general feelings, thoughts and behaviours (Counselling/Psychotherapy), or to combine the two in a way that seems helpful for you. We will discuss your response to this, and find a way of working that fits your needs, and with which you feel happy. Occasionally, I may refer you elsewhere if I feel another service may better meet your requirements.

I will ask you regularly about your experiences of our work and invite on-going feedback and discussion. A review session takes place at the end of our agreed number of sessions when we will assess progress and what further work, if any, may be needed.

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