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Mona Mckinlay


My Supervision Practice

An Integrative Counsellor with over 24 years experience, I am BACP registered and accredited. I offer individual supervision to:

  • qualified counsellors.
  • individuals on counselling courses.
  • other professionals who may benefit from, or are required to have, supervision external to their workplace (e.g. social workers and support workers).

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and a Certificate in Supervision.

I provide a supportive professional environment, one in which supervisees may bring their client work, explore ethical issues and develop professionally. I also bring my experience as a trainer of Counsellors to Certificate and Postgraduate level, which can be of value for supervisees to draw from.

Encouraging the best from a Counsellor for the benefit of the clients is important in supervision. This is not dependent upon Supervisor and Counsellor sharing the same psychological model and way of working, as I see it as the Supervisor’s responsibility to learn how the Counsellor wants to work and support encourage and aid the development of that way of working.

I see my role as sometimes mentor, sometimes coach or consultant.Whichever it is, providing a consistent space and relationship, one in which the Counsellor can find his or her balance and trust in his or her abilities as a Counsellor, is important. I also recognise that sometimes a Counsellor may need nurture and support when faced with the reality of a client’s world.

A professional ethical frame of reference, and membership of one or other of professional organisations for counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists is necessary for supervision to take place.

I offer an initial free meeting to potential supervisees, to explore the possibility of working together.

You can contact me on monamckinlay@gmail.com

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