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Hello and Welcome.

I hope you find my website of interest. Since 1996, I have worked with individuals and couples on a wide range of issues, providing a supportive environment where issues can be explored in confidence without fear of judgement or criticism.

I specialise in counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  A BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, I abide by its code of ethics.

In my work, I draw from a number of traditions. More specifically, my approach is humanistic and influenced by person-centred, psychodynamic and cognitive theories. My approach depends on the suitability for my client, and involves looking at the present problems, considering any underlying issues - and perhaps any early messages you were given about how you ‘should’ be. My training has developed my understanding of holistic health to include all aspects of what it means to be a healthy human being. I believe that health is a whole body/mind condition, and that we can positively affect our physical wellbeing by changing how we think or feel.

I see the therapeutic process as a collaborative partnership, one in which you feel safe. My aim is to help you by finding out how you see the world, how you make meaning of life, so that you can develop insight and self-understanding. By doing so, you will be able to make positive changes and live your life in a more satisfying way, enabling you to:

 * Establish goals and have a clearer sense of direction

* Deal more effectively with problems and relationships

* Discover more options

* Feel more in control of your life

* Increase your confidence and sense of well-being

As well as my work with individuals and couples, I provide a range of services for organisations wishing to assist their staff. I offer counselling and hypnotherapy supervision for students and practitioners, and take referrals from GP’s and associated health professionals, educational institutions and other therapeutic providers.


If you wish to book an appointment or find out more about my services, you can email me on: monamckinlay@gmail.com or telephone me on: 07757950221


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